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A next generation portable spectrophotometer for color QC and color management


A global leader in color management and color communication technology


To develop color management and color communication software application runs on portable devices.


RKTS has designed and developed a full-fledged color QC and color management software for portable devices. The integrated design of PDA and spectrophotometer created a portable spectrophotometer with unprecedented versatility by allowing customers to capture color data anywhere and from samples of any shape or size- in any industry.

RKTS design further enhanced the usability of the software by providing easy to use tools to synchronize the PDA data to the Desktop computer.
The modularity of the design made possible for the client to be able to offer the software in multiple flavors so that same source base is used to generate multiple products.

Technologies used

Code warrior for Palm OS, Palm OS SDK, Palm CDK, Visual Studio 6.0, SQL Server.


  • The convenience of Portability.
  • The PDA software incorporates all major color indices.
  • Easy synchronization with Desktop computer.
  • Ease of use.

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