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High precision Metrology Software


A Laser Tracker Manufacturing Company.


To create hardware independent metrology software to replace the existing disparate old legacy “C” based software system that can easily integrate third party hardware and software.


RKTS has designed and developed a generic application architecture that addresses all business requirements. Industry standard tools and technologies have been used in architecting the solution to leverage the advantages of availability, reliability and scalability.

This Object oriented well-designed modular system can be easily integrated with available third part graphical packages, math libraries and various off the shelf reporting tools. The system was designed hardware independent so that various measurement hardware( Laser Trackers, CMM’s Robotic Arm) can be used under single software .

Technologies used

C++, CORBA, VC++, MFC, ADO, STL, Crystal Reports


  • Easy to use software that supports multiple instruments
  • Industry standard tools and technologies are used in architecting the system to enable - easy enhancements
  • Improved business reporting and analysis
  • User-friendly application



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