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Semiconductor Wafer Processing Software


Leading Semiconductor Equipment Company.


To develop an Object Oriented full-featured Measurement Inspection Systems that is Hardware Independent, Easy to operate, 3D Graphics and easy with 3rd party systems

To develop a next generation plug and play software system that is highly configurable, Flexible and reliable and has a MTBF of at least 180 days. The system should have a simple User Interface that can be easily operated by FAB operators. Only specifications available were current Pascal based undocumented legacy code.


RKTS invested initial time in discussing the requirements with the clients. Based on the customer input and marketing needs RKTS has generated detailed Software Specifications. RKTS has done detailed analysis of the specifications and adopted flexible modular N-Tier Architecture. With the architecture new hard ware modules can be added and configured in the field with out extensive source code changes. RKTS has designed and developed Object Oriented; Plug and Play Component based solution that addresses all business requirements. Industry standard tools and technologies have been used in architecting the solution to leverage the advantages of availability, reliability and scalability.

Good design supported by generic code in the form of re-usable user controls helped in achieving the performance requirements. Put into production, this system is now accessed at over 90 branches in the US.

Technologies used

Microsoft VC++, C++, COM, VB, ATL, SQL Server


  • Generic Software System that can be configured with out source code changes
  • Minimal software changes with addition of new hardware modules
  • Significant saving in software maintenance.
  • Industry standard tools and technologies are used in architecting the system to enable - easy enhancements
  • Increased reliability
  • User-friendly application



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